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When Should A Landlord Hire An Anchorage Property Management Company?

14 Aug 2015 · by Chad Graham

In the very busy world of commercial real estate in Anchorage, many landlords tend to manage properties on their own, or sometimes, hire a resident manager to oversee their affairs. However, there are landlords who prefer the help of property management professionals to handle every aspect of managing a commercial property.

property management

Hiring a property management company in Anchorage can prove to be a huge asset, especially if you, as the landlord, do not have the professional experience to market your rental property. Property management companies deal directly with prospects and tenants in terms of rent collection, handling occupants’ complaints, repair and maintenance issues, and serving notice of eviction to erring tenants or residents.

A company with experienced personnel will bring their technical expertise to bear when handling the property, and you can be rest assured, for the most part, that your investment is in capable hands. Also, most management companies operate as independent contractors so the stress associated with being an employer, is virtually nonexistent.

Consider making the most of the experience and expertise of these companies for any (or all) of these reasons:

• You have a lot of rental properties. Having multiple properties for rent simultaneously can sometimes be a hassle. You have to be available always to answer inquiries and show prospects around. Getting a management company to handle this seemingly daunting task for you eliminates that hassle.

• You live quite a distance away from your rental property. If your building location is just too far from where you live, you may struggle with the responsibilities of managing your property. In this scenario, it’s often best to just outsource that duty to a capable company.

• You’re not particularly interested in direct management. Most times, landlords have other pressing concerns that may require their undivided attention. Some simply lack the enthusiasm or the time to focus on selling or renting properties. Others may simply view the property as an investment and are more interested in reaping their dividends rather than handle its day-to-day management.

If you feel like you’ve got your hands full with other tasks or your property rental business isn’t moving as fast as you’d like, consider calling in the experts like Graham Commercial Real Estate, an experienced industry leader in handling the brass tacks of property management. That way, you can get to focus more on tasks that matter to you, while you bask in the assurance that your properties are in safe hands.


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