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Leave It to the Experts: Finding a Commercial Real Estate Manager

10 Mar 2016 · by Chad Graham

Do you need to sell off some property you inherited? Or do you want rent your house out for a few years while you travel to work in a different country? It doesn’t matter the size or location, there is always someone interested in it, you just need to find them.

This is a job you can hand over to a property management firm in Anchorage. They will help you to sell or lease real estate by connecting you to a prospective buyer or tenant. With years of experience to work with, these companies will find the right kind of people and get all the legal documentation done on your behalf.


Tasks of a Commercial Real Estate Manager

Property management firms hire commercial real estate managers who perform duties to suit their clients’ needs. After they handle the marketing and get you a customer, these managers will see to it that the lessees are well settled in. Then they sort out requests as and when they come in and also monitor the property to be sure that the tenants are doing the right thing. They will of course make sure that your monthly rent or agreed upon payments are collected and submitted to you.

Properties need constant care to keep them marketable and this is a job that you will not enjoy doing by yourself. There are masons to contract, supplies to buy, and budgets to write. The property managers will take this off your hands and ensure that everything is in order all year through.

Administrative Functions

There is always the administrative part of every business, paying of taxes, property rates, mortgages and the proper keeping of books and records. The commercial real estate manager makes sure that you are operating within the law and protecting yourself from liability.

This is a tedious and meticulous job, but that is what they are trained to do. They work with lawyers and accountants to go through all your papers and get them fixed on your behalf.

All this of certainly comes at a cost, but this is a little financial commitment that makes sure that you are able to enjoy the fruits of your labor in peace. Discuss billing rates thoroughly and be sure you understand all commissions and flat fees before finally signing a deal with a property management company.

Once that is done, you can leave your commercial property in their good hands. With telephones and emails, you can keep in contact with them and check on your business regularly. Ease your worries and maximize the use of your property with the help of these experienced professionals.


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