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How an Investment Property Manager Can Impact Your Property’s Value

8 Feb 2016 · by Chad Graham

If you have invested in an income-producing property in the Anchorage, AK area, you may be aware that your profitability stems from the regular cash flow of the property as well as from the overall value and the ability to build equity over time. You may not realize it, but how you manage your commercial real estate will play a critical role in your property’s value and in how profitable the property ultimately is for you. In fact, there are two main areas that your property manager will impact your property’s value and profitability.

How an Investment Property Manager Can Impact Your Property’s Value

The Cash Flow of the Property

When you think about real estate investment cash flow, you may think about the monthly or quarterly payments that your manager provides to you from the net profit of the investment property. Cash flow also has a direct impact on property value and on the sales price of the property when you sell it. For example, the debt service coverage ratio will be reviewed by different investors later when you attempt to sell the property, and this will play into the overall return on investment that a new buyer will be able to generate. A property with a greater projected return on investment will generally have a higher asking price.

The Property’s Condition

The condition of the property will also affect the sales price of the property when you sell it, and this will impact the profitability of your investment. Deferred maintenance, for example, can have a detrimental impact on sales price, and it can also impact how desirable a property is in the marketplace. This means that a property with deferred maintenance may take longer to sell and may not sell for as high of a price as it would if it were in better overall condition.

Your property manager is directly responsible for the rental rates of the tenants, the occupancy rate of your property, the property maintenance and repairs and more. A skilled real estate property manager in Anchorage will have an eye on each of these factors and will understand how their efforts impact your return on investment and your bottom line with cash flow each month. Discuss these points with a trusted property manager in Anchorage such as the ones at Graham Commercial Real Estate to ensure that you both are on the same page with regards to their services and the expected results.



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