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Graham Commercial Real Estate Consultants, Inc. is Alaska’s #1 full-service commercial real estate company, offering world-class services throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Graham Commercial Real Estate Consultants, Inc. offers integrated, team-based real estate solutions based upon their extensive expertise in virtually all aspects of commercial real estate operations. Our clients range in size from local, self- made individual owners to multi-national institutional investors.

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Cost Segregation

As a commercial property owner in Anchorage AK are the united states , how would you like to receive cash flow from tax savings of 6-10% of your building cost within the first five years of ownership? That’s $60K-$100K for each $1M in building costs! Cost Segregation is the answer.

Cost Segregation is an IRS-approved application by which commercial property owners accelerate
depreciation and reduce the amount of taxes
owed. This savings generates substantial cash flow that owners often use to reinvest
in the business, purchase more property,
apply to their principle payment or spend on themselves.

It’s simple, legal and recommended in the August, 2004 issue of the Journal of Accountancy for CPAs. The
article stated, “A taxpayer can substantially increase cash flow by segregating property costs.”*

How Does Cost Segregation work

Graham Commercial Real Estate Consultants, Inc , is experienced and
qualified company, performs the IRS
defined engineering-based cost segregation study on your property. The study accelerates the depreciation of your building / renovation components into shorter depreciation categories such as 5, 7 and 15-year rather than
conventional 27.5, and 39.5-year schedules. 5 and 7-year items might include decorative building
elements, electrical components for
dedicated computer equipment, and carpet. Fifteen-year items might include site utilities, landscaping and paving.

This IRS defined engineering-based cost segregation study results in much higher depreciation expense and significantly reduced taxable income for the property owner. Best of all, the IRS ruling states cost segregation can be applied to categories of buildings purchased or built since 1986, including renovations, and there is no need to amend your tax returns.

The Graham Commercial Real Estate Consultants, Inc Difference

We are singularly focused on providing IRS
engineering-based cost segregation studies. Our goal is to support your CPA or tax advisory with the most accurate cost segregation study results
so you can realize maximum savings and increased cash flow.

We provide an IRS defined engineering-based
study that is affordable for your commercial
property application.

Our IRS defined engineering-based study method allows us to provide not only the best possible
results, but also adheres to IRS guidelines and
recommendations. In addition, we stay up to date on the most recent IRS cost segregation rules and regulations.

CSSI is classified as an independent IRS defined
engineering-based study specialist meeting
the specifications stated by the IRS in regards to commercial property