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A Message from Graham Commercial:

Graham Commercial Real Estate Consultants, Inc. is Alaska’s #1 full-service commercial real estate company, offering world-class services throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Graham Commercial Real Estate Consultants, Inc. offers integrated, team-based real estate solutions based upon their extensive expertise in virtually all aspects of commercial real estate operations. Our clients range in size from local, self- made individual owners to multi-national institutional investors.

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“Alaska's #1 Resource for Commercial Real Estate”

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Info Articles

Anchorage’s Occupancy Level is at 97.3%

The Anchorage retail market did not experience much change in occupancy level in the third quarter is at 97.3% The vacancy... 

November 18 2017
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Anchorage, AK Warehouses for Sale Improve Production and Distribution

A warehouse is a commercial property where packaged products are received, stored, catalogued, and delivered. This is the... 

November 5 2017
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Greening an Older Property

Your budget dictates that you buy an older property, but your heart wants that property to be environmentally responsible,... 

November 3 2017
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Anchorage, AK Warehouses for Sale: Why Buying is better than Leasing?

You need a facility to house the operations of your Anchorage business. The question now is whether to buy or lease. In the... 

October 31 2017
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Anchorage Commercial Real Estate: Perks of Multifamily Investments

Anchorage is the best place to move to if you’re looking for a good view of the Aurora Borealis at night. This small Alaskan... 

October 28 2017
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Graham Commercial Real Estate Closes 2 Properties in 47 Days!

Chad Graham, of Graham Commercial Real Estate, is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable realtors in the Anchorage,... 

October 20 2017
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Looking to Earn Big Bucks? Invest in Anchorage Commercial Real Estate

If you’ve been looking for a sure-fire way to earn big bucks, you may have heard about the supposed benefits of investing... 

October 17 2017
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Leave It to the Experts: Finding a Commercial Real Estate Manager

Do you need to sell off some property you inherited? Or do you want rent your house out for a few years while you travel... 

March 10 2016
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What You Should Expect From High Standard Property Management Service

Whether you are preparing to finalize the purchase of your first Anchorage commercial real estate investment or have been... 

March 2 2016
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How an Investment Property Manager Can Impact Your Property’s Value

If you have invested in an income-producing property in the Anchorage, AK area, you may be aware that your profitability... 

February 8 2016
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Finding an Investment Property that Can Produce Big Profit

There are several goals that different investors may have in mind when shopping for commercial real estate in Anchorage.... 

January 15 2016
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How Property Management Companies Help Revamp Commercial Real Estate

When you are in the process of purchasing a piece of real estate in Anchorage, AK, one of your top considerations will likely... 

January 12 2016
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