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Anchorage Commercial Real Estate Firm Highlights Quiet Downtown Property

2 Jul 2014 · by Chad Graham

Anchorage, Alaska (July 1, 2014) – Renowned Anchorage property management firm Graham Commercial Real Estate recently put up a prime commercial property located at 737 M Street on its website. The estate features two distinctive structures that are part of a package and is listed at $818,000.

737-M-Street-Anchorage-AK-large-016-Exterior-1500x1000-72dpi-1068x500Details of the listing state that the property, which stands on a lot with an area of 7046 square feet, consists of two buildings, one of which is zoned for office/business and the other for residential use. 737 M Street is 1.5 stories high and has a total floor area of 3211 square feet. The residential unit is 2 stories high and is adjacently situated on 736 Coastal Place. Both units are included together in the acquisition of the property.

Although a few minutes away from downtown, the property is nestled in a quiet neighborhood, and is ideal for professionals and business owners who want the luxury to have their office right beside their home. The business office structure underlines airy cathedral ceilings and spacious areas to receive clients and guests, as well as expansive work spaces for small- to medium-sized company employees. In addition, the commercial property is surrounded by lush greenery and has excellent visibility and ample parking space.

The two-story residence, on the other hand, has roomy living spaces ideal for family bonding, and two bedrooms with wonderful views of the ocean and the mountains. Its balcony, which overlooks the lush, peaceful street, enhances the property’s comfortable environment.

The structures are also within walking distance to Delaney Park Strip, an eleven-block leafy park within downtown Anchorage, with several sports and recreation facilities like soccer fields, tennis courts and ice skating rinks. The park also features memorials that commemorate the lives of valiant U.S. veterans, as well as admirable personalities like Martin Luther King, Jr., E.G. Fenn, and Pope John Paul II.

To request more information about the property, interested parties can contact Chad Graham by visiting the firm’s website,

About Graham Commercial Real Estate
Graham Commercial Real Estate strives to deliver top quality real estate solutions to their clients through its team of professionals who have comprehensive knowledge of trends and strategies regarding commercial real estate in Anchorage, Alaska. The team is led by CEO and REALTOR® Chad Graham, who has over a decade of experience in offering, leasing, and handling commercial spaces.

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