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Graham Commercial Real Estate Consultants, Inc. is Alaska’s #1 full-service commercial real estate company, offering world-class services throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Graham Commercial Real Estate Consultants, Inc. offers integrated, team-based real estate solutions based upon their extensive expertise in virtually all aspects of commercial real estate operations. Our clients range in size from local, self- made individual owners to multi-national institutional investors.

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Anchorage Commercial Real Estate Company: Now Is Opportune Time to Invest

20 Mar 2014 · by Virtual Results PubSub

Anchorage, Alaska (March 14, 2014) – Graham Commercial Real Estate Consultants specialize in helping clients buy and sell commercial real estate, and is a prominent Anchorage property management company. We invite business leaders looking for expansion or relocation opportunities to invest in the city as it continues to grow and develop. The company especially notes Anchorage’s economy, which is flourishing thanks to local business confidence and infrastructure progress.

According to Alaska Dispatch, the city of Anchorage is currently enjoying one of its biggest growth surges because of huge capital budgets, a rising number of investors, and low unemployment rates. The increased economic activity is attracting more businesses and generating more jobs for residents, pushing the city to provide more business spaces to meet the rising demand.

Anchorage Commercial Real EstateGraham Commercial Real Estate’s knowledgeable and experienced realtors can advise entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of the city’s burgeoning business environment on why they should utilize commercial real estate investments. First, commercial properties have longer lease terms that can go from 5 to 10 years, unlike residential homes. Second, entrepreneurs get a quicker return of investment and higher income because of increased rent and maintenance costs. Lastly, commercial real estate’s security ensures business owners that their investments are leased with proper legal binding agreements.

Graham Commercial Real Estate utilizes the latest industry metrics and applies them to minimize expenses, boost their clients’ revenues, and increase their assets’ net operating income. The company’s reliable consultants meticulously harness market data and valuable insights so property values improve over time. They also strive to keep abreast of commercial and multifamily industries through continuing education and training.

Aside from acquiring and managing Anchorage commercial real estate, the company offers core services covering asset evaluation, seller representation, investment representation, and multifamily assets. Those interested in learning more about what the company can do for them are encouraged to visit for more details.

About Graham Commercial Real Estate Consultants, Inc.

Led by owner and CEO Chad Graham, the company provides integrated and intensive commercial real estate solutions to entrepreneurs who want to find the most suitable properties for their business needs and requirements. The company’s experienced realtors engage with various clients from different backgrounds, ranging from local individual owners to multinational institutional investors.

The company handles a wide array of commercial property types suitable for healthcare, retail, industrial, office, multifamily, and specialty projects.

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