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Anchorage, AK Warehouses for Sale: Why Buying is better than Leasing?

20 Nov 2019 · by Chad Graham

You need a facility to house the operations of your Anchorage business. The question now is whether to buy or lease. In the end, the venture could be worth its cost in capital outlay—and a lot will depend on how well you weigh the pros and cons between buying and leasing. Here are some reasons why buying warehouses for sale in Anchorage, AK might be better than leasing. Business Facility It gives a long-term cost advantage. Leasing may seem more manageable in the early years. But if you intend to stay put and you compute the overall cost, including the interests, you’ll find that buying the property could be more cost-efficient. In addition, long-term mortgage offers a more predictable and clearer cost, which is ideal for your cash flow. Leasing, on the other hand, often includes variable charges and is likely to increase upon contract renewal. You save more on tax. Some expenses at purchase may not be deductible during your initial outlay but you can recover a portion gradually through depreciation deductions. If you purchase the property on mortgage, you may also reap the benefits of interest-paid deductions. It offers business stability. If you have found a winning location for your business, will you be willing to lose it over rent increase or when the owner wants it back? Moving your business to another location can also be very costly and may cause delay in your operations. Owning a property contributes significantly to your business’s stability. Furthermore, your business’s value increases if, historically, the land values in your area periodically appreciates. The facility becomes your asset. Spending a large chunk of your capital outright may test your resolution, but think of the long term benefits of ownership. When you buy the property, it is yours to do the modifications necessary for your operations. This is better compared to leasing where your operational planning is defined by the limitations set by the landlord. adds that as time goes by and the business grows, the equity on the building grows as well—equity that is yours to benefit from, and not the landlord’s. It is important to note that the financial viability of buying a warehouse is determined by the right financing structure. A real estate agent from companies like Graham Commercial Real Estate can help you find a warehouse that’ll fit your budget. These companies can also provide you Anchorage property management services to help ease your warehouse startup. (Source: Should You Buy or Lease Your Business Facility?

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