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Graham Commercial Real Estate Consultants, Inc. is Alaska’s #1 full-service commercial real estate company, offering world-class services throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Graham Commercial Real Estate Consultants, Inc. offers integrated, team-based real estate solutions based upon their extensive expertise in virtually all aspects of commercial real estate operations. Our clients range in size from local, self- made individual owners to multi-national institutional investors.

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“Alaska's #1 Resource for Commercial Real Estate”

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Listing Commercial Real Estate in Anchorage, AK

When listing your commercial real estate in Anchorage, AK, it may seem like a simple task to go for sale or lease by owner. However, this is not the case. As an owner of commercial property, not only do you want to earn the highest value for the land and property, you also want a quick sale.

For this to happen, it is in your best interest to work with a professional listing agent who has vast experience in commercial sales.

Why Hire A Professional?

When you list your commercial property with a professional commercial broker, they can provide many services which include:

  • Collecting rent and taxes if you choose to lease, rather than sell.
  • Applying all resources efficiently to list the property and get it sold quickly.
  • Properly negotiating on your behalf, to ensure the highest purchase price when your sale takes place.
  • Working with you, as the property owner, to discuss listing, rental options, and the best methods of earning the highest value for the property.

When you hire a professional to list your commercial real estate in Anchorage, AK, they can take care of all the details for you. Your agent will do everything from listing the property to speaking with prospective buyers.

The consultants at Graham Commercial Real Estate Recognize that not every client fits into a cookie cutter and they ensure that every one of their client receives the level of involvement and communication they choose throughout the process of listing, selling or leasing your property.

Property Management

If you own a property or multiple properties in Anchorage, the challenges of property management can be intimidating. Just because you have the funds on hand to invest in real estate does not mean that you have the expertise or even the time to manage your properties yourself.

Our company has a variety of property management packages that we can personalize to meet your individual needs, whether you need full property management or just a handful of our services. The following is just a list of the services we provide to existing clients.

Lease Administration When you have tenants give notice of moving out, we do the marketing to get new tenants interested in moving in, and we handle the process from beginning to end. We process the applications, and we determine whether or not tenants receive approval on the basis of criteria that you and we agree to. If tenants fall behind on rent, we undertake collections to help them return to current status.

Accounting Management

On a monthly basis, we reconcile all of your accounts and provide the necessary reports to your clients promptly. When the tax year comes to an end, we file all of the paperwork so that you receive the proper 1099 documentation to file your tax return.

Budgeting and Capital Operations

If we are managing a large property with many units, there are going to be times when you need to make repairs and upgrades from a capital account. We have expertise in setting up and managing these types of accounts, including the preparation of annual budgets for operations and capital. This helps you focus on your core business while continuing to draw optimal profits from your real estate investments.

Property Maintenance

No matter how well built a property is, there are times when maintenance is simply a necessity. We manage the exterior and interior maintenance on your commercial real estate so that it retains and increases in value as time goes by. Our job is to keep your property in even better shape than it was when you turned the management process over to us.

If you are interested in hiring a company to provide some or all of your property management needs, give one of our consultants a call. Whether you are leasing office space or offering warehouses for sale in Anchorage, AK, our professional commercial agents can provide assistance throughout the entire process. We stand ready to serve you and your tenants with the very highest standards of professionalism so that all of your tenants remain satisfied. Content tenants are much more likely to renew their leases when they expire, giving your property the continuity it deserves.

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We play hardball, negotiating the best possible price for you. Get a Free Consultation! INQUIRE
We play hardball, negotiating the best possible price for you. Get a Free Consultation! INQUIRE

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